HIPAA Acknowledgment Report Viewer

View 276, 277CA and 999 Files Easily

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Available Now Opens Blue Cross and most other 999, 276, and 277CA files.
HIPAA Acknowledgment Report Viewer Features

The Report Viewer is user friendly and designed to help you process claims faster. Click on individual features below to learn more.

› Easy to Use

By simply dragging your acknowledgment report to the workspace in the application, you can view the report in an easy to read format. Each error code is displayed with a complete description of the error.

› Fix Errors Quickly

Errors in your 276, 277, and 999 files are displayed with the source information and include a list of possible causes for the errors and actions you can take to correct them.

The file navigator shows each section of the file. Clicking on a section takes you directly to that section. Sections with errors are highlighted in red for quick identification.

› Work with Multiple Files

Files are opened in tabs for easy navigation.

Multiple files can be opened into a single merged document - which can be used for simple reporting purposes.

Open Documents in the Side-By-Side view to compare two files at the same time.

Use the Zoom slider to resize a document to fit in the space on your screen...or use it to magnify small text!


› Track Your Work

The error box shows all the errors in your file. Click in the error box, and use the up and down arrow keys to quickly move to each error in the document.

As you correct your errors, check them off in the error box. Corrected errors are changed to green in the document.

Use the Notes box to keep any notes you want to save with the file for audit or information purposes.

› Find Files Quickly

The File Browser allows you to quickly find which files contain the information that you need.

Use the explorer in the file browser to see which files have errors.

Use filters in the file browser to quickly find files you need - or to build a report.

› Combines Patient Data

The patient navigator allows you to view all of a patient's claims in one easy to read screen. It combines multiple files and shows the status of each claim.

For 276 and 277 files, use the Patient Navigator to show claims by patient. When multiple files are opened, the patient navigator summarizes the totals for all claims for each patient across all open files.

Lines marked in red indicate claims that have been rejected.

Click on the plus sign next to the patient name to see individual claims for the patient. Clicking on the claim will navigate to the section in the document with information about the claim.

› Stay Updated

The HIPAA Acknowledgment Report Viewer automatically checks for updates each time you use it.

Your subscription fee includes updates to support future EDI file versions and regular code updates as edits change each quarter.

› Unlimited Number of Users

Your subscription fee includes an unlimited number of users for each NPI purchased along with flexible, web-based management:

  • Use the web site to create user accounts for anyone who needs to work with 276, 277 or 999 files.
  • Grant access to only those NPIs that are appropriate for each user.
  • Medical billing service providers can purchase an NPI subscription and create accounts for their customers under the same subscription.